Why Study Law at Chancellor College?

Be an Effective and Legal Professional Who Can Skilfully Work in Diverse Roles

At the Faculty of Law, facilitated with pride is holistic and competence based learning, to produce an effective legal professional that can work internationally, not only as legal practitioner but also in diverse roles and areas. The learner has choices to be a legal professional of her or his desire.

Engage in Holistic Competence-based and Student Centric Learning

The Faculty underline's 3Cs in research and eveidence-based teaching and learning: contextual, comparative,  and competence based. Further, all programmes are strong in ethics, internalization, and gender sensitivity and responsiveness. Furthermore, the Faculty takes a student centric approach, promoting easy interactions with staff.

Enjoy a Diversity of Doctrinal, Clinical, and Other Methods

The focus on knowledge, skills, and attitudes is through a combination of academic and vocational synergestic training across each respective programme's study years. Lecturers use strong doctrinal and practical  teaching, employ a diversity of teaching methods, stimulate critical thinking, and faciliatate access to prime learning materials in an elegant environment. The student is encouraged to give to society and learn through clinical education, in line with the Faculty's goal of contributing to social justice.

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About Chancellor College

Chancellor College is the largest among the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi. Ever since its establishment, the college has produced graduates who have gone on to become leaders in various sectors of Malawian society.

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