2014 - 2018

The Faculty of Law at the University of Malawi and its partner institutions Faculties of Law the University of Zimbabwe, University of Oslo,University of Zambia and University of Nairobi, received a project funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Coorporation (Norad).The institutions submitted applications for support on "Masters,PhD and research programme for capacity building in law falcuties to mainstream gender,non-descrimination,human rights and socio-econimic rights frameworks and analysis into the application and administration of the law by mainstreaming gender equality,non-descrimination and socio-economic rights into law schools'/faculties' programmes and curricula in Southern and Eastern Africa"
The objective of the Project is to ensure increased respect, promotion and protection of gender equality, non-descrimination and socio-economic rights in curricular mainstreaming. This research is particularly premised on the principles of equality and non-descrimination in education as provided under article 10 0f the CEDAW Convention.
The overall Goal of the NORHED Programme is sustainable economic,social and environmental development in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

The Purpose of the NORHED Programme is to strengthen capacity in higher education institutions in LMIC to controibute to:

  • A more and better qualified workforce
  • Increased knowledge
  • Evidence based policy and decision making
  • Enhanced gender equality

The Faculty of Laws project intends to strengthen capacity among academic staff members, to review,revise and intergrate the right to gender equality,and non-descrimination and relevant social and economic rights into courses taught at the faculty.Programmes and courses are revised,new literature produced through research which is published focusing on gender mainstreaming and developments in standards of equality and non-descrimination and relevant socio-economic rights.

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