Research Vision:

The Research Vision of the Faculty is to establish itself, within the next five years, as one of Southern Africa’s respected legal research institutions.

Research Mission:

The Faculty’s Research Mission is to make an outstanding contribution, through contextual, practical and academic research on law and related disciplines, to achieve greater social justice and enjoyment of human rights.

Strategic Research Priorities:

 The Faculty sets the following Research Prioritie:

  • Increase the Number and Quality of Publications and Other
  • Research OutputsIncrease the Number of Research Active Staff
  • Raise the Faculty’s National and International Research Profile
  • Create a Research Culture and Community
  • Maximise National and International Research Collaboration
  • Improve Research-Related Information Management
  • Improve Faculty-Based  Research Management Processes 
  • Improve Faculty Access to Research Funding
  • Incentivise Research and Reward Research Performance as part of Research Management Process
  • Integrate Teaching-Related Outcomes with Research Output
  • Ensure increased Relevance of Research to Community 
  • Improve Faculty’s Research-Related Infrastructure

Results Dissemination

  • Kamchedzera, G., 2009. 'New'global development cooperation modalities and the rights of the orphaned child. Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal, 14
  • Kanyongolo, F.E.  2015 “The Legal Framework of Elections in Malawi” in Patel, Nandini, and Michael Wahman. The Malawi 2014 Tripartite Elections: Is Democracy Maturing?
  • Kanyongolo, N, et al. 2015:  “The Political Economy of the Human Right to Water and Women in Malawi” in Anne Hellum, Patricia Kameri-Mbote and Barbara van Koppen (eds.) Water is Life: Women’s human rights in national and local water governance in Southern and Eastern Africa.

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