October 23, 2017   Loreen Nyambo
On 6th October 2017, the Gender Justice Clinic visited Mangochi Secondary School, to raise awareness on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Sexual Reproductive Health, and the importance of attaining formal education. The activity was held in Mangochi Secondary School’s auditorium facilitated by 25 members of the Gender Justice Clinic. Approximately 120 Mangochi Secondary School students attended. The activity comprised of presentations, motivational talks, and art performances from the members of the Clinic. Notably, Yvone Muonja made a presentation that emphasised the need to abolish gender-stereotypes that portray females as the weaker sex. Tikondwe Chimkowola gave a talk on sexual reproductive health and called for the audience to abstain from sexual activities and report cases of sexual abuse. Lazie Nkhata and Tawonga Msowoya provided motivational and career talks. The activity also included a question and answer session, which gave the students a platform to provide their experiences and perspectives on the matter. When asked why the Clinic visited Mangochi Secondary School in particular, the Chairperson of the Clinic, Miss Ulemu-Hannah Kanyogolo, said “desk research conducted by members of the Clinic indicated that Mangochi is one of the districts with high levels of gender-based violence, especially in early-child marriages. As such, among other things, the Clinic wanted to inspire young girls to remain in school in order that they may avoid early-child marriages and get empowered.”

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