April 3, 2018   Loreen Nyambo

On 18th of February 2018, the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, in partnership with Chancellor College Students’ Union, planted over 3500 Pine trees at Ku Chawe’s Zomba Plantation.

The Environmental Justice Clinic aims to use the law as a tool to contribute to the conservation and protection of the environment. The clinic was compelled to engage in the tree planting exercise after it observed that the area, which has been hit heavily by deforestation, has not been afforested appropriately.

The exercise was led by the Clinic’s President, Miss Asantesana Chikopa, and it included 30 members of the Clinic and 5 representatives of the Student’s Union.

In response to a question concerning the success of the exercise, Miss Chikopa stated that, “apart from managing to plant over 3,500 trees, we have observed that though the area is a government protected forestry area, the responsible authorities are not doing much to ensure its protection.” Miss Chikopa went further to state that upon the observation, the Clinic is considering taking the responsible authorities to task for their inactions.

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