April 3, 2018   Loreen Nyambo

The Disability Rights Clinic on 26th February 2018 visited Thyolo Secondary School and engaged the learners on the welfare and rights of learners with disabilities.

The Clinic organized the activity after observing that Thyolo Secondary School is one of the few Government secondary schools in Malawi with a special needs section that caters for students with disabilities.

During the activity, Thyolo Secondary School students were engaged on issues to do with attitude towards their fellow learners with disabilities and their duties not to violate the rights of fellow students. The members of the Clinic spelt out the position of the law regarding people with disabilities to the learners and addressed the learners’ concerns regarding fellow learners with disabilities. Members of the Clinic also took a tour around the school campus to appreciate the facilities present at the special needs section.

The head of the special needs department at the secondary school, Mr. Mkwinda, thanked the Clinic for choosing to go to the school to sensitize students on disability rights and hoped that the visit was a beginning of a strong relationship between Thyolo Secondary School and the Clinic.

The Clinic Coordinator, Dr. Enoch Chilemba, highlighted the clinic’s goal of ensuring that persons with disabilities enjoy their rights fully and applauded Thyolo Secondary School for providing an environment that caters for inclusive education.


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