October 29, 2017   Loreen Nyambo
Criminal Law in Malawi by Lewis Bande, a lecturer of Law in the Faculty of Law, is a textbook on Malawi’s substantive Criminal Law. The book discusses the rules and principles that constitute Criminal Law in Malawi and the theories, values and norms that underlie them. The book has three major parts: Part One introduces the Criminal Law of Malawi, discussing such issues as the nature and function of Criminal Law, sources of Criminal Law, criminal jurisdiction, and definitions and classifications of crimes. Part Two explores the general principles of criminal liability and responsibility, discussing such issues as the “conduct” and “‘mental” elements of a crime, causation and general defences. Part Three is on specific offences. It covers offences provided by Malawi’s criminal law-related statutes such as the Penal Code and the Corrupt Practices Act. Whilst the focus is on the law as contained in Malawian statutes and court interpretations, the book also refers to statutes and case law from comparable common law jurisdictions, notably South Africa, Zambia, England, Canada and Australia. It is a useful textbook for law students, lawyers, law enforcement officers, judges, magistrates, legislators, and policy makers. For purchase information of the book, please visit the following link: https://juta.co.za/print/catalog/Product/3183

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