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Mount Soche Hotel, Blantyre 4 February 2019

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As national economies strive to grow in a rapidly commercially changing world, research must help find innovative and creative solutions to open up new opportunities and manage risks in the commercial sector. For instance, research confirms that enhancing the use of more innovative financial delivery channels, such as mobile banking, could enhance financial inclusion in rural areas. Such technologies, effective and equitable regulation, and productive financial institutions must promise more efficient, equitable, and effective financial intermediation. Such new forms of financial services and interactions, however, can also be sources of potentially significant and poorly understood risks. In an economy such as Malawi’s, industry and businesses, including small to medium sized entities, are instrumental in Malawi’s economy. When these are efficient, effective and fair, the economic, social and political benefits are undoubted, including generating new jobs, diversifying the economic base, promoting innovation, helping to deliver goods and services, and integrating women and youth into the economic mainstream.

However, the instrumental role of Commercial Law, in such a dynamic commercial world that strives for growth and fairness is obvious. Businesses require an enabling legal environment including a business rescue scheme to provide opportunities for preservation of viable commercial enterprises in financial distress and efficient closure of failed businesses. A commercial law regime must facilitate fair, efficient, effective, and sustainable regulation, agreements, arrangements, financial flows, investment, dispute resolution including through arbitration, enforcement, and remedies within national, regional, and global contexts. In that regard, research must critically examine business law and business law reforms, such as those that have recently taken place in Malawi, to ensure that they are in the commercial and developmental interests of the economy as well as the distinctive needs of small, medium sized, and other business entities.

The LLM (Commercial Law) Programme in celebrating its alumni will facilitate the dissemination of some of the postgraduate level research and accord academia to engage with business, and other practitioners in commerce through a one-day conference. The conference will be held as follows:

Venue : Mount Soche Hotel, Blantyre:

Date : 4 February 2019

Time : 8: 00 to 16:30

Attendance Details:


Attendance at the conference is free but only though invitation or registration. For those interested to register or for inquiries please contact the Faculty of Law through the email legalstudies@cc.ac.mw Spaces are limited.

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