April 19, 2018   Loreen Nyambo

On 29th, March 2018, the Gender Justice Clinic sensitized first year students of the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, on Gender Based Violence (GBV). The campaign was held by the Polytechnic amphitheatre and was attended by over 800 first year students.

The Clinic undertook the sensitization campaign after it observed that first year students, particularly female students, often fall victim to dehumanising treatment including rape and sexual harassment in the college setting because of their vulnerability as new comers. As such, the Clinic aimed to raise awareness on how the students can best handle incidences of GBV.

The campaign was mainly delivered through presentations. Notably:

  • Miss Janet Mkomera presented on three forms of GBV: emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, with the aim of highlighting to the students how they may be able to identify such abuses;

  • Mr. Yamikani Ben Kamoto explained to the students how they can handle GBV cases and encouraged the students to report the same to relevant authorities;

  • Dr Ngcimezile Mweso, the Clinic Coordinator, urged the students to be responsible and advised female students to refrain from engaging in activities that would make them more vulnerable to GBV.

After the presentations, the students were engaged in a highly interactive question-and-answer session followed by GBV themed poetry and music performances.

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